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THE GREAT RIVERS PARTNERSHIP brings together diverse stakeholders and best science to work toward sustainable management and development of the world’s most critical river systems.

 Where We Work



The eight river basins identified as GRP focal areas in Phase II represent a diverse mix of geographies, issues and levels of development. See the list at right and click through to explore each basin. You can also learn more about the river selection process by reading the official expansion announcement.

Download a PDF of the full map here.

During the GRP's first phase, efforts were also focused on the Mississippi, Yangtze and Magdalena river basins. In addition, the GRP was active in Brazil’s span of the Paraguay-Paraná River Basin, and helped support The Nature Conservancy during its initial work in the Zambezi River Basin, throughout Africa.

A distinctive component of the GRP has been facilitation of international learning exchanges to encourage the sharing of solutions across continents.