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THE GREAT RIVERS PARTNERSHIP brings together diverse stakeholders and best science to work toward sustainable management and development of the world’s most critical river systems.

 America's Watershed: In the News

The 'Right Stuff' for our Nation's water resources. Great Rivers Partnership directer Michael Reuter wrote an op-ed in the Peoria Journal Star arguing for investment in infrastructure—both natural and man-made—to help keep watersheds and economies working.

Addressing Challenges of Worsening Droughts & Floods
An article published on World Water Day in the St.Louis Post-Dispatch includes quotes from a spokesperson for America's Watershed Initiative and focuses on the challenges of managing large rivers and their infrastructure—both "grey" and "green"
when faced with droughts and floods that are increasing in severity and frequency. 

Calling for Integrated Approaches to Watershed Management
After interviewing Great Rivers Partnership Director Michael Reuter, 
Bloomberg News published an editorial calling for a collaborative and integrated approach to the management of the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The piece called out (and linked to) America’s Watershed Initiative as a group that works "consensus on the best, most scientifically sound ways to manage the network of waterways."

America’s Watershed Director Featured in “Our Mississippi”
"Our Mississippi," a publication produced by the Army Corps of Engineers and sent to some 250,000 partners and leaders within the Mississippi River Watershed, featured
a Q&A with TNC's Jordy Jordahl, the new director of America's Watershed Initiative. Read it online here. (Page 4.)

Water’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ No Pretty Waterfall
The St. Louis Post Dispatch recently 
published an op-ed with Great Rivers Partnership Director Michael Reuter's byline. The piece likened a potential looming water crisis to the fiscal cliff and called for the integrated management of and investment in our large, working watersheds. It also highlighted the efforts of America’s Watershed Initiative.

Working with Farmers for Cleaner Water
The Nature Conservancy is producing several videos that highlight work with farmers and partners to keep valuable nutrients and soil on farm fields and out of streams. As they are completed, the videos are being posted to
Watch them online now.

Measurement Drives Success
From the fight against polio to fixing education, what's missing is often good measurement and a commitment to follow the data. We can do better. We have the tools at hand.
Read an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Bill Gates.

NPR Covers America’s Watershed
Listen to NPR Host Neal Conan discuss "Planning for a Sustainable Miss. River" on "Talk of the Nation" after the 2012 Summit.
Listen now.